Student Council:
The Student Council aims to protect the rights of the students enrolled in Mehmet Akif Ersoy University concerning the contentment of their educational, medical, sports and cultural needs; making them sensitive to national benefits; conveying the students’ expectations and wishes to administrative bodies and cater the students’ contribution to decisions taken related to education by building effective communication between the administrative organs and the students of our university. In addition to these duties, the Student Council arranges activities which contribute to the development of the students. Our students can bring forward suggestions to studies of the Students Council and take part in studies voluntarily. Elections for determining the Student Council Members and forming the organs are held each year in November in a period and a program set by our university. Firstly, students elect the class representatives in academic units and later the class representatives elect the representatives of academic units between each other and selected unit representatives determine the representatives of academic units. The academic unit representatives, who have been elected, assign the president of the student council and administrative board as well.

The Student Council can convey the problems of the students to University Administration and Senate via the president having a position of a council speaker. The Council President has voice in the University Senate.

Student Clubs:
Clubs arrange activities such as concerts, courses, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, panels, symposium, knowledge contests, seminars, shows, music and poem concerts, trips, etc. The students have the opportunities of both expressing themselves and sharing their skills with their friends through the activities prepared in groups of which they are member.

Our groups carry out these studies actively, participating in activities both in the university and inter-universities.

Student Clubs of Our University

  • Ataturk’s Thought Club
  • Erasmus Club
  • Press and Public Club
  • Information and Communication Technologies Group
  • Scientific Research Club
  • Science and Technology Club
  • Billard Club
  • Communication Club
  • Bridge Club
  • Burdur Youth Club
  • Environment Club
  • Mountain and Nature Walk Club
  • Mountaineering Club
  • Dance Club
  • Literature Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • Photographing Club
  • Football Club
  • Traditional Turkish Sports Club
  • Young TEMA(The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and Protection of Natural Habitats) Club
  • Food Club
  • Folk Dance Club
  • First Aid Club
  • Bird Watching Club
  • Culture and Art Club
  • Limnology Club
  • Motor Sports Clubs
  • Music Club
  • Painting and Handcraft Club
  • Chess Club
  • Cinema and Animation Club
  • Poem Club
  • Tae Kwon Do Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Turkish Language Club
  • Textile Club


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