Sport activities of our university students are carried out by the cooperation of the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Department and Physical Education and Sports Department. The aim of the sport activities is to make good use of their free time according to their area of interests; to provide them a chance to rest and to get sports habit with new area of interests; to contribute to their physical and mental health. Football, handball, basketball, volleyball, tae kwon do, judo, wrestling, athleticism, cross teams put their signature under important successes.

Within our university, there are closed sports hall, football pitches, tennis courts, open volleyball and basketball pitches and other sports facilities from which our students can benefit.

Social activities of our university are carried out through cooperative studies of the clubs established by academic units, the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Department and the students. The aim of cultural activities is to make good use of our students’ free time; to help them acquire useful habits; to give them a chance to exhibit and present their works; to provide them to get habits of resting and having fun; to help them in following scienticif, artistic and technological developments and participation in these activities if they want; and contributing to their development in terms of culture.

Furthermore, many conferences, seminars, panels and other activities are held in education period with the participation of guests who have a national and international reputation.

Theatre, music, folk dance, exhibitions, colloquies are held at Science, Project and Spring Festivals in May every year. While the students have an opportunity to express themselves with the activities held, shows performed by units and concerts, the festival have a richer atmosphere with the participations of professional artists and groups as well.

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