For Turkish Students;
The students of our University have the right to request the recognition of their prior learning at different universities. For the recognition of their prior learning, they should submit their transcript, course contents to the relevant department in the first semester of their registration year.

For International Students;
Students are expected to fill, together with the departmental Erasmus coordinator, a learning agreement on which the courses to be taken at the receiving institution appear. The sum of the ECTS credits allocated for all of the courses on the agreement must be at least 30. Then the concerning unit submits the agreement to the Faculty/School/Institute/Vocational Higher School council to be approved. International Relations Office send the learning agreement to the program of the receiving institution before the students’ departure.. If any change is made by the receiving institution, the changes must be approved by the authorities mentioned above. On students return from the receiving institution the student is expected to bring a Transcript of Records which bears the courses that had been approved by the receiving institution. The courses are entered to the student’s transcript as they appear on the transcript of records  and a Recognition Sheet is prepared.

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