EU has calculated the equivalent of 1 ECTS in the base of “hour”, taking into consideration that the student must be full-time student and claiming that if the student is regarded as a full-time worker, he must work 40 hours.
Let’s calculate ECTS Credit, assuming that a student must study 45 hours a week in order to accomplish in his courses.
In a term the total must be 30 ECTS Credits (variation is possible)
14 weeks courses + 1 week exam preparation + 2 weeks exam week = 17 weeks

According to that;
(45 hours) x (17) = 765 hours ( the student must study in one education term)
1- ECTS = (765 hours/30 ECTS)= 25,5
1-ECTS = 25,5
The student fulfills that time with courses, tasks, laboraties, exams, projects and individual studies.  The lecturer of each course finds out the requirements of his course and determines ECTS credits in this base.

For instance;
3 credited course; 8 tasks; and 2 midterms (Saturday+ Sunday)
the individual study time: 30 hours

ECTS for course : (14 weeks course) x (3hours) = 42 hours ( the student’s course time)
(8 tasks ) x (3 hours)=24 hours ( the student’s time for tasks)
(2 midterm exams)x (3 hours)= 6 hours ( the student’s time for exams)
TOTAL= 102 hours
1 ECTS = 25,5 hours
The ECTS course credit of this course  may be determined as;
(102 hours/ 25,5 ECTS) = 4 ==>>4 ECTS


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