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Occupational Health and Safety
Department / Program Electronic and Automation
Course Code 17211
Type of Course Required
Level of Course Short Cycle
Year of Study 2016-2017
Semester Fall Semester
Number of National Credit 3
Number of ECTS 4
Name of Lecturer

Ali ÖZ

Learning Outcomes

Student; can identify health and safety concepts and analysis, analyze a variety of work-related accidents and analyze the ways of occupational diseases and prevention, define the workplace, ergonomics working environments, ergonomics adapt, is used in environments with non-electric electric and hand tools can analyze basic safety rules at work.

Courses Contribution to Program Learning Outcomes
    1 2 3 4 5
Prerequisites none
Made of Delivery Face to Face
Work Placements none
Recommended Optional Programme Components none
Course Content Week Topics
1 Business Law-Legal responsibilities
2 Workplace accidents and occupational diseases
3 Laboratory accidents and first aid
4 Fire training and its varieties
5 The use and selection of personal protective equipment
6 working with chemicals to be occupational health measures in
7 Ergonomics
8 Trust and health marks
9 Student jobs in occupational health and safety
10 Lifting, transportation and storage security measures
11 Measures to be taken in case of an emergency
12 Cleaning and hygiene

In work safety disasters, housing and residential


Need to be taken against the physical risks for safety and health at work

Recommended Readings

1.İş güvenliği CASGEM notları,
2. İş sağlığı ve güvenliği, İMO notları
3.İş Güvenliği, Ercüment DİZDAR, ABP Yayınevi, 2010.
4.İş Güvenliği ve Sağlığı, Abdulvahap YİĞİT, Alfa Aktüel, 2008

Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lecture, Question and answer, Discussion, Training and implementation, Show

  Number %
Mid-Term : 1 40
Quiz :
Assignment :
Project :
Assignment :
Laboratory :
Other :
Final Examination : 1 60
Language of Instruction Turkish
Work Placement NA
Activities Quantity Duration Total Work Load
Course Duration 14 3 42
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14 3 42
Individual Study for Mid-term Exam(s) 1 16 16
Individual Study for Final Exam 1 18 18
Total Work Load     118
Total Work Load/ 30 (s)     3,93
ECTS Credit of the Course     4



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