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Programmable Controllers
Department / Program Electronic and Automation
Course Code 17201
Type of Course Required
Level of Course Short Cycle
Year of Study 2016-2017
Semester Fall Semester
Number of National Credit 4
Number of ECTS 6
Name of Lecturer

Ahmet Böbrek

Learning Outcomes

To be able to recognize the structure of programmable logic controllers, to comprehend the working principle, to apply the programming principles, to provide the ability to make solutions and designs according to the working principle of industrial plants.

Courses Contribution to Program Learning Outcomes
    1 2 3 4 5
Prerequisites no
Made of Delivery Face to Face
Work Placements NA
Recommended Optional Programme Components NA
Course Content Week Topics

Comparison of PLC's historical development, advantages, advantages with other control systems


Structure of PLCs, working principles, programming methods, input-output types, PLC selection criteria


PLC programming methods; Ladder diagram, command list, function diagram


Conversion of classical control systems to PLC programs


Resolving questions about classical control


Timer and Counters and sample problem solutions


Problem solving with comparison commands


Problem solving with jump commands


Problem solving with information transfer commands


Sample project implementation 1


Sample project implementation 2


Sample project implementation 3


Sample project implementation 4


Sample project implementation 5

Recommended Readings PLC ile Endüstriyel Otomasyon, Salman Kurtulan, Birsen Yayınevi, S7 200 otomasyon, Recep Çetin, Seçkin Yayınevi
Learning Activities and Teaching Methods Lecture, Question & Answer
  Number %
Mid-Term : 1 40
Quiz :
Assignment :
Project :
Assignment :
Laboratory :
Other :
Final Examination : 1 60
Language of Instruction Turkish
Work Placement NA
Activities Quantity Duration Total Work Load
Course Duration 14 4 56
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14 4 56
Assignments 1 15 15
Individual Study for Mid-term Exam(s) 1 15 15
Individual Study for Final Exam 1 30 30
Total Work Load     172
Total Work Load/ 30 (s)     5,73
ECTS Credit of the Course     6



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