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Introduction to Economics I
Department / Program Health Management
Course Code 14101
Type of Course Required
Level of Course First Cycle
Year of Study 2016-2017
Semester Fall Semester
Number of National Credit 3
Number of ECTS 5
Name of Lecturer

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Learning Outcomes

Upon succesfull completion of this course, the students will be able to; Explain basic consepts of economics, Explain the theories of supply and demand, Explain market types and price mechanism, Explain basic economic systems such as free market economy and planned economy, Explain consumer and producer behavior theroies.

Courses Contribution to Program Learning Outcomes
    1 2 3 4 5
 1-  To have knowledge about theoretical and practical information related to the field of health management and to be able to implement this knowledge X
 2-  To gain knowledge and skills on understanding, analyzing and directing administrative, financial, technical and medical process of health organizations. X
 3-  To have knowledge and skills on managing information systems on health management and to be able to effectively us it. X
 4-  To understand basic elements of health system in national and international level, to comprehend health planning and health policy, to analyze health sector economic and financially. X
 5-  To have knowledge and skills to make quantitative and qualitative analyses in health management and to be able to implement this knowledge. X
 6-  Critical and innovative thinking in problems faced during health management process, having the ability to use scientific methods and technics in decision making and problem solving. X
 7-  Following the changes in the field of health care management and have the ability to provide specific solutions related health care system of the country. X
 8-  Having the ability to conduct effective communication and teamwork X
 9-  Being aware of legal, social and ethical responsibilities, comply with the legal regulations and ethical principles of health management area. X
Made of Delivery Face to Face
Work Placements NA
Recommended Optional Programme Components NA
Course Content Week Topics
1 Science and Economics: Science, Methodology, Social Sciences and Economics
2 Basic Concepts: Wish- Necessity,  Productin, Consumption, Utility, Cost, Goods- Services, Scarcity and Choice
3 Basic Economic Problems and Economic Systems
4 Basic Economic Problems and Economic Systems
5 History of Economics and Economic Thought
6 Supply, Demand and Market Equilibrium
7 Supply, Demand and Market Equilibrium
8 Elasticies: Demand Elastical and Supply Elastical
9 Consumer Behavior Theory
10 Producer Behavior Theory
11 Pure Competition Market
12 Monopoly Market
13 Olipoly Market
14 Labour Markets: Labour Supply, Labour Demand and Wage Determination
Recommended Readings

Zeynel DİNLER (2011), İktisada Giriş,Ekin Yayınevi.  17. Baskı, Bursa

Davis BEGG, Stanley FISCHER, Rudiger DORNBUSCH (2010)İktisat, Türkiye İş Bankası Yayınları, 8. Baskı, İstanbul

İsmail  Hakkı DÜĞER, Murat Ali DULUPÇU (2007), İktisada Giriş, Türkmen Kitabevi, 3. Baskı, İstanbul.

Learning Activities and Teaching Methods Discussion, Lecture

  Number %
Mid-Term : 1 40
Quiz :
Assignment :
Project :
Assignment :
Laboratory :
Other :
Final Examination : 1 60
Language of Instruction Turkish
Work Placement NA
Activities Quantity Duration Total Work Load
Course Duration 14 3 42
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14 1 14
Assignments 14 5 70
Quizzes 1 4 4
Individual Study for Mid-term Exam(s) 1 10 10
Individual Study for Final Exam 1 10 10
Total Work Load     150
Total Work Load/ 30 (s)     5
ECTS Credit of the Course     5



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