Turkey is a very inexpensive country for many international students and Burdur is one of the cheapest cities in Turkey to live in. It has a large student population, so housing and food costs are less than they are in many other places. Entertainment and transport costs are low because many students live within walking distance of the University, shops and social facilities. There are lots of places offering student discounts.

You will need approximately 200–250 Euros per month in order to cover basic expenses. You are advised to bring some Turkish Lira (TL) with you when you arrive in Turkey or change money at the airport. It will make life easier for you during your first few days, especially if you happen to arrive on a weekend when the banks and exchange offices are closed. It is also advisable to have an international credit card. To give you an idea of the living expenses for a student in Turkey, we have put together a modest budget for one month (figures are approximate):

Housing 300 TL (150,00 Euros per month)
(Private Student dormitory with 2 persons per person)
Food 150 TL (75,00 Euros)
Transportation 50 TL (25 Euros)
Total 500 TL (250,00 Euros)

*Please note that personal expenses like clothing, medicines, dental care, leisure activities, etc., are not included in this budget. Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, does not award scholarships or financial aids to the students who are not the citizens of republic of Turkey. But it has an Erasmus house for incoming Erasmus students which is free of rent.


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